Cameron Walker

computer techie & geek - tech guru

Lake Taupo, New Zealand.

Being 30 years old - I love to learn new things, have fun and socialize with my mates, play games online and attend LAN parties!

Unfortunately stuck being unemployed but looking for work, I've started an adventure of changing aspects of my life and myself that somewhat desperately needed to be changed - losing weight and improving my lifestyle and living situation is hard enough, saving up for a new gaming rig for myself is one of my newest goals.

As a general "techno-geek"; I fix computers, design websites, entertain myself with the copious amounts of entertainment available online!

I love driving and my dream is to take a trip all over New Zealand, take photos and make a small documentary about my travels, meeting new people, catching up with old mates and the kind of things you can get up to.

I'm an avid user of Linux and I encourage recycling of old desktops and laptops using Linux, giving them a second life & avoiding usable systems ending up in the trash.
I have my own home Debian Linux server.