Viral Video: Don’t believe this guy!

Jeph Filipaina
everything we’ve been searching on our phones have been recorded..

The video above contains highly inaccurate information! DO NOT CONSIDER THIS RELIABLE INFORMATION!

I saw this on facebook a few nights ago – but what shocked me the most was the amount of people that believed it.

status_icons_smart_staySamsung Smart Stay

This is the icon Samsung uses for Smart Stay – as he said it appears when hes browsing the internet .. which is it’s purpose. It’s function is to use the camera and using eye-tracking technology; detect if you’re looking at the screen or not and if you’re not dim the screen and if you are, brighten the screen or prevent locking the screen if your auto-lock feature is 5 minutes and you’ve spent the last 5 minutes reading the screen.
It has no relation to the Eye of Horus in any kind of way, other than it simply depicts an eye.

But unfortunately due his obvious lack of education and major influence of religious texts, (which isn’t a big shock given that he’s a Pastor) he thinks the NFC “antenna” is some kind of secret and “end of the world” type of surveillance – which is included on the battery.

The “pattern” thing he removed from the battery as you can see in the video is the NFC “antenna” …

Question is “Why have they embedded these in the new phones?”
Answer is because it’s required for a technology that most smart phones today have which is called NFC. NFC is a perfectly safe and is a very very very short range communication technology – it doesn’t “transmit” data anywhere … unless you want it to and then you’d know it was because the other device communicating with it would be directly next to it – not an antenna 5 or 15 miles away.

If someone wanted to monitor your phone activity, it would be much easier to embed software into the phone’s operating system itself – similar to what Apple did.

Please do not consider anything he says in this video with any validity – he has simply removed the ability for his phones and any other phone of a user who believes him to take advantage of any NFC technology; until they replace the battery with another NFC compatible battery.

Jeph Filipaina is from what I can find out a Pentecostal Minister/Pastor. Which goes to explain his references to “Eye of Horus” and “End of times” perception of things, not helped by his severe mis-understanding of technology.